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Admission Quota in April

Admission Quota
Course Major Class Period/Duration Number of students
国際電子経営本科 Morning 2years 36
国際電子経営本科 Afternoon 2years 36
国際ビジネス本科 Morning 2years 36
国際ビジネス本科 Afternoon 2years 36


Admission Requirements
Completed 12 years of upper secondary school curriculum, Completed the preparatory Japanese language course in Japan (more than 1 year).


Necessary Documents
Documents for submission:
①Application form 入学願書 Use university application form
②Graduation certificate. 卒業証明書又は卒業証書 (copy) The original is requested at the exam.
③Certificate of attendance or temporary graduation certificate at a Japanese/vocational schools. 日本語学校・専門学校等における在籍又は卒業(見込)証明書  
④Transcript. 日本語学校・専門学校等における成績証明書  
⑤Certificate of attendance at a Japanese language institution.日本語学校・専門学校等における出席証明書  
⑥3 photos, size 3cmx4cm (The photo must have been taken within three months prior to submission) Not included photo on application form
⑦Passport (copy) The original is requested at the exam.
⑧Alien registration certificate or residence card (copy) The original is requested at the exam.
⑨Health certificate The original is requested at the exam.
⑩Financial plan. 経費支出計画書 Use university form
⑪Savings book (copy). 普通預金通帳(写し)  
⑫Application fee 8,000円
※Note: Applicants in remote areas can send their application and application fee by check (普通為替) via post.


Admission Period
Call for application Start receiving application from 01/10 till enough number of students

Time: 10:00AM – 17:00PM from Monday to Friday (except Saturday, Sunday and holidays)
Location:At School, or via Post


How to apply

Method 1: Submit your application and pay application fee of 8,000 JPY at our admission office.
Method 2: Send your application and application fee of 8,000 JPY by check (普通為替8,000 JPY) via post.


How to select applicants

①Application screening
②Interview selected applications
③Japanese ability test (only for international students)
※Note: the test will be held at our university.


Enrollment Procedures

①Admission letter and first instalment notification will be sent to successful applicants within 1 week after selection results are published.
②Then applicants must pay the first instalment (enrollment fee: 180,000 JPY; tuition fee: 430,000 JPY; total: 610,000 JPY) within 10 days.
③Once payment received, the applicant will be provided an official offer letter. [入学許可証].
④Applicants deem to be failed if they do not pay the first instalment to enroll at our university within 10 days.
⑤Guidelines about the Enrollment day will be sent at the end of March.


Withdraw your applications after enrollment
When applicants finished enrollment but also successfully accepted to other universities or short-term programs, the applicants can withdraw their applications.
Applicants need to follow below steps to withdraw their applications:

①Submit the admission letter (attach with photo) of other universities or short-term programs to our university before 31/03/2017
②In this case, applicants will be returned the paid tuition fee (430,000 JPY) only.
※Note 1: If applicants do not submit the admission letter to our university before 31/03, we are not responsible for returning paid tuition fees.
※Note 2: In majeure cases, applicants cannot join the course, please submit a withdrawal letter to our university before 31/03/2017. Then applicants will be returned the paid tuition fee (430,000 JPY) only.


Student Benefit

①Monthly train/railway/bus tickets for students
 Students can get discount for public transport services such as: railway (JR….), bus or far travel tour.
 There are scholarship programs in Japan for students as below:
 a)Student loan program For more than 2 years study program
 b)Japanese Government scholarship For more than 2 years study program
 c)Tokyo fund scholarship For students living in Tokyo
 (Lived in Tokyo more than 6 months)
 d)Scholarship for international students


For further information

For further information about your study major, subjects, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are willing to answer your questions.
Time:Morning 10:00 AM – Afternoon 16:00 PM (all week days, except Saturday, Sunday and holidays)
FAX :042(644)9810