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Our Strength



 We commit to provide excellent quality of training with the cheap tuition fees. We concentrate on informatics knowledge and accounting through efficiently practical lessons. Moreover, we often hold annual visits to enterprises to help our students broaden their horizons and gain useful experiences for their future careers.

 Our university is about 2 minutes-walk from HACHIOJI station. Therefore, students can save time for moving. In addition, the tuition fee of 1,040,000 JPY for 2 years can reduce financial burdens for students. After graduation, students can receive professional certificate issued by us. The certificate will be useful for their job application in the future.


Accouting (Accounting, Law, Accounting Informatics)
 Students are equipped with essential knowledge, skills for working such as accounting, law. These preparations help them successfully obtain the necessary certificates.

Informatics (Theoretical Informatics, Applied Informatics)
 Providing to our students academic knowledge and technical skills about information technology and helping them quickly adapt to computerized working environment in business enterprises. We believe that our students can easily get the IT certificates based on their study at our university. We have modern computing facilities for students using free at any spare times.

International Business (Business Planning, Business Strategy)
 Our target is to help students become human resources of high quality and quick adaptability. To reach that goal, we combine theory lessons with practical case studies. Moreover, we keep providing foreign languages classes such as English, Chinese to enable our students adaptable to today globalized environment.