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Education orientation

1) Dedicated and supportive teaching method.
2) Using practical case studies, specific examples.
3) Providing necessary knowledge, consulting, support for certification examinations.
4) Focusing on upgrading language skill.
5) Focusing on sharpening business skills, intercultural skills in multinational working environment.



 We always pay great attentions to provide essential knowledge, practical skills to help our students successfully pass university entrance exams or get good jobs in the challenging globalization context. We can offer courses on wide range of fields such as economics, business, foreign languages and especially national cultures.

 Our proudly outstanding features comparing to other regional universities include:

1) Learning schedule. For morning class, it is from 9:00 AM to 12:50 PM. For afternoon class, it is from 13:30 PM to 17:20 PM. Students can be free-style at school. Besides, it takes about 2 minutes- walk from Hachioji station to our location. It is very easy for travelling.

2) Low tuition fees. It costs only 1,040,000 JPY for 2 years. This reduces financial burdens for students. Also, low tuition fees highlight our difference from other regional universities.

3) Chance to study with foreign teachers. Student will have many opportunities to study with professional foreign teachers to enable them approach and gain variety national cultures all over the world.

4) Friendly study environment. Students can exchange and share any concerns related to their study also other personal issues, daily life stories or future orientation. Our staff are always available to consult and support you.

5) Chance to experience with practical situations.We open many extracurricular classes, talk shows with university lecturers, auditors, tax advisors to create opportunities for students to approach and gain the practical knowledge and updated information.