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Nurture your dreams, Achieve world-class

 Our university locates in HACHIOJI, TOKYO, near HACHIOJI station. This place is a beautiful valley at the base of the mount TAKAO with kind, gentle people and spectacular natural landscapes.

 In global era, all companies focus on world-class human resources. Asia, especially South East Asia, will be the economic center of the world in near future. This situation will promise huge number of job opportunities for you, the global citizens.

Capturing this trend, our staff including Japanese experienced teachers and Chinese experts in various fields will provide you useful knowledge, help you sharpen social and professional skills to give wings to your dreams.

 We firmly commit to provide the most friendly and dynamic learning environment to you. You will join exciting debate courses arguing variety topics with other international students. Thanks to such activities, you will more understand the cultures, lifestyles of people around the worldwide places where you have never been. We believe these experiences will be very helpful to you in today’s society.

“Nurture your dreams, achieve world-class”

 this is our slogan for education. We will supply essential knowledge and skills for your career success in the era of globalization.